Objectives of the Firm

EKIZ&EKIZ Design Implementation Consulting Services & Trading Co.,Ltd, has been organized for purposes of gathering together a Technical Staff who use their professional experince and capacity in ensuring that the people live in an aesthetical as well as clean and healty environment , to prepare designs incorporating the optimum solutions and offer Professional Supervision and Consulting Services to enable the applicability of them in the real sense , and also bring a fresh breath in the sector with their contemporary , modern and always – accelerating quality work.




Understanding of Service

EKIZ&EKIZ is a young firm and provides services through a core group including the key staff who has been assigned on projects of varied understanding and technologies and bred themselves on all issues , a young and dynamic staff and advisers who transfer to the staff their accumulation of technical and social knowledge and whose expertness is also academically recognized. For all their services, the firm makes full use of technological developments and acts in an understanding of disciplined, reliable and meticolus work , targeting the perfect.